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2012-2013 Scholarship Press Notice

December 7, 2012

Please contact for more information:
Lisa Middleton, Desert Horticulture Society of the Coachella Valley
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On December 6th Vintage Associates and the Desert Horticulture Society awarded five scholarships totaling $4000 to outstanding students in Turfgrass Management and Environmental Horticulture at College of the Desert.

Recipients included:
  • Wayne Farnsworth of Indio, a 2009 graduate of La Quinta High School.   Wayne aspires to a career in Horticulture education.  He intends to complete his undergraduate education at Cal Poly Pomona.
  • Greg Olson of Palm Desert, 2010 graduate of Cathedral City High School.   Greg currently is employed at the Indian Wells Golf Resort and has a career goal to be a Superintendent of a golf course.
  • Claudia Yanez-Fetis of Rancho Mirage, a 2007 graduate of Cathedral City High School.  A self-starter, Claudia aspires to a career in Environmental Horticulture and Education.
  • Willow Chan of Cathedral City, a 2010 graduate of Palm Desert High School.     Willow with a demanding academic schedule maintains a 3.9 GPA at COD and is pursuing her career goal to be a Landscape Architect.
  • Wilford Mervilus of La Quinta, who graduated from High School in his native Haiti.   Wilford, a 2011 winner of the Vintage Scholarship has a remarkable record of achievement at COD winning numerous citations for his academic work and community service.  He intends to complete his undergraduate education at Cal Poly Pomona in Agriculture Business.

The goal of the scholarships according Greg Gritters, Vintage’s President, is to “attract more interest to Horticulture and develop relationships with students, such as Wayne, Wilford, Claudia, Willow and Greg that model great character”.  The scholarships reflect the recognition of local landscape professionals that College of the Desert Horticulture programs led by Jeff Place “are providing an exceptional program with great instructors that fits the needs of his students and the local businesses that would like to hire better qualified employees”.

This is the second year for these scholarships founded by Vintage Associates, who has now partnered with the Desert Horticulture Society in providing these scholarships.    In providing these scholarships Vintage Associates and the Desert Horticulture Society appreciate the leadership of President Joel Kinnamon and Dean John Jaramillo.    Remarkably over 90% of the College of the Desert Turfgrass Management and Environmental Horticulture Students find jobs upon graduation within the industry.

Vintage Associates, Inc.

Vintage Associates is one of the largest locally owned and operated landscape resource companies in the greater Palm Springs Coachella Valley area. We are unique in our industry because we are the only company to offer a complete range of services. Subsidiary divisions of Vintage Associates include Vintage Landscape a landscape maintenance company, Vintage Nursery the Desert’s garden center, Tree Rite professional arborists, TurfScapes synthetic turf solutions and Schmidt Services custom spraying and landscape pesticide applicator. The newest division is WaterRite irrigation specialists. The right combination of professionalism, experience, supervision, training, customer service, innovation and the necessary equipment allow Vintage Associates to be very productive and provide quality landscape maintenance. Vintage Associates team members consist of certified professionals in the horticultural field with over 40 years of combined experience.

Desert Horticulture Society of the Coachella Valley

The Desert Horticulture Society was formed in 2005.  The Desert Horticultural Society is a group of local professionals and residents from a variety of backgrounds, united in our interest to encourage and promote what many call desert landscaping in the Coachella Valley. The group includes home gardeners, landscape industry professionals, volunteers and staff of The Living Desert, faculty and staff from local area colleges and water districts, and many others who share a love of gardening and concern for water conservation in our beautiful desert.
The Desert Horticultural Society of the Coachella Valley has two primary motivations:

Water Conservation: Nearly 80% of the average household’s water consumption is used outside of the house.  Reductions in the amount of water used for landscaping will have a large and positive impact to our Valley.

Landscapes That Support Local Wildlife: With increased development also comes loss of wildlife habitat. In addition to using much more water than native and desert- friendly landscapes, so-called ‘exotic’ landscapes generally require more labor and resources such as fertilizers and pesticides. These can have negative consequences for the plants and animals in our desert ecosystem and minimizing their impact is an important goal for the group.

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